Kalafina – nowhere ~ Live Animax 2011 (Sub Esp & Eng)

Ya salió la segunda parte del Animax 2011 e incluyeron el cover que realizaron las chicas de Kalafina de nowhere, originalmente pertenciente a FictionJunction YUUKA (Yuuka Nanri).




10 comentarios el “Kalafina – nowhere ~ Live Animax 2011 (Sub Esp & Eng)

    • Es que todavía no dispongo del live entero, osea que lo descargue de otro video de youtube y lo subí de nuevo, igual no te preocupes que cuando disponga del mismo lo voy a estar subiendo como corresponde.

    • ^ I second the guy above me. His words are wise and his point is well-made. That link’s so far down I’m surprised it’s not in Hell ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

      Unfortunately, these days Putlocker is kind of an asshole and Fileserve is a gigantic idiot. May I suggest mediafire? This release falls under their 200mb single file limit 🙂

  1. Sup mate, don’t mean to keep bothering you but I was just a-wondering and a-pondering if you were still planning to re-upload this? This is the only Eng vid I don’t have yet and my collection cries out for completion!

    Metaphorically, of course, since collections have yet to master human speech to my knowledge. Would be quite awkward otherwise…

    It’s been a month though so I just thought I’d check in case you forgot. Sorry if I’m being annoying, it’s an unfortunate part of my character and as irremovable as my face (unless you have a chainsaw handy).

    In unrelated news, thanks a lot for your new Haruna Luna release, shekenffs. A very classy vid, indeed 🙂


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